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Are You Overfeeding Your Dog?

Pet Obesity- an epidemic!


In honor of National Pi Day on Monday, March 14; I thought we might have a “weighty” discussion. It is estimated that over 70% of American pets are overweight and/or obese. Obesity leads to issues involving joint health and mobility, heart disease, liver disease, and diabetes. Most of these can be prevented or made less severe by weight loss and a healthy diet.


Did you know that feeding one 6.7oz (small) rawhide to your dog is like you eating 10 donuts? Yes, 10 donuts.  Giving your cat 1oz (a small cube) of cheese is like you eating 8 donuts, yes 8 donuts. Another example… one pig ear to a dog is equivalent to three donuts. Your extra milk in the cereal bowl… for every 3oz of milk you just fed them roughly three donuts. It adds up very quickly. Every special treat, every day equals many extra calories they don’t need.  


Your pets’ digestive system is not like ours. They do not digest fats the same way we do. Eating a fatty meal for them not only causes excessive weight gain but it can also make them very ill. When we over eat we just get a stomach upset and bloating but for a pet they may get very sick. The pancreas is the organ that has to help break up the fat and it gets very testy when overworked. It becomes irritated and inflamed causing vomiting, pain, not wanting to eat, and diarrhea which can lead to a hospital stay with IV fluids and medications. It is way easier to just prevent the over-indulgence.


We know how much you love your furry friend and how those pleading eyes can get you every time. It’s okay to still give treats to them; just try carrots, green beans, and slices of a bell pepper. They still get a treat and you get to keep them healthier. Healthy pets live longer lives and develop arthritis later in life. You can do it, be a mean, healthy mom or dad!