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May is Responsible Animal Guardian Month


To help foster a more respectful attitude towards animals and encourage people to honor their responsibilities towards them, In Defense of Animals (IDA) has declared May to be Responsible Animal Guardian Month. Having a respectful attitude towards our pets starts with not referring to ourselves as their owners. This word makes a pet our property while the word guardian means that we are responsible for their well-being for a lifetime.

Goals of the Guardian Campaign
IDA hopes to accomplish two major things during the month of May. First, the organization wants to encourage responsible and loving behavior from people who are already pet guardians. This means committing to caring for the pet's physical and social needs in addition to forming a deep bond with the animal. The following are just some of the ways you can be a responsible pet guardian:

• Invest time in training your pet and apply rules consistently
• Use positive reinforcement rather than punishment
• Ensure that your pet gets plenty of opportunities for socialization
• Make exercise part of his daily routine
• Feed her nutritious food and limit treats
• Spend one-on-one time with him each day
• Schedule regular wellness exams at Owen’s Ark Veterinary Clinic and bring her in if she displays new or worsening symptoms


Being a Senior Isn't All Bad


Being a Senior Isn’t All Bad


Time can be either for us or against us. Glass is half full or half empty. Experienced or amateurs. Our pets age and change the same way we do and we need to help them do it with grace.

As pets grow older their energy and nutrient requirement change. They don’t require the high energy foods of a puppy or the nutrient value of adult formulas. Their metabolism slows and their nutrient requirements vary to help ease the work load of certain organ systems. Once cats are 10 years of age they are better served a senior type of dry and canned food. For dogs that change varies depending on their size. For small breed dogs it occurs at 10 years, medium breed dogs at 9 years, large breed dogs at 8 years, and giant breed dogs at 7 years.


Are You Overfeeding Your Pet?


Are You Overfeeding Your Dog?

Pet Obesity- an epidemic!


In honor of National Pi Day on Monday, March 14; I thought we might have a “weighty” discussion. It is estimated that over 70% of American pets are overweight and/or obese. Obesity leads to issues involving joint health and mobility, heart disease, liver disease, and diabetes. Most of these can be prevented or made less severe by weight loss and a healthy diet.


Did you know that feeding one 6.7oz (small) rawhide to your dog is like you eating 10 donuts? Yes, 10 donuts.  Giving your cat 1oz (a small cube) of cheese is like you eating 8 donuts, yes 8 donuts. Another example… one pig ear to a dog is equivalent to three donuts. Your extra milk in the cereal bowl… for every 3oz of milk you just fed them roughly three donuts. It adds up very quickly. Every special treat, every day equals many extra calories they don’t need.  


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